A Brief History

Great content deserves great presentation.

When I first read Ken Thompson's “Reflections On Trusting Trust”, I was shocked, by two things. I was amazed by how simple and elegant the Ken Thompson hack is. But at the same time, I was put off so much by the quality of the PDF itself. If I wasn't pushing myself, or I wasn't so attracted to the content, I would have stopped reading after the first paragraph. Take a look here if you don't believe me.

A couple of months later, I read a book about web typography, and learned some tips and tricks on how to make a pretty website. I was eager to try them out, and thought: what better work to try them on than Ken Thompson's piece? And there I was, typing away copying the PDF. I then spent a couple of days putting together some simple CSS formats, a few HTML pages and an old domain name I never really used. And voilĂ , this website came into existence!

I'll continue searching for copyright-free material that deserves a better presentation. I also plan to link some more of my work here.

Happy reading.